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Organic Products for Everyday Use 

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Poofy Organics Products

these products are free of toxins, carcinogens and hormone disruptors.

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Bath & Body

All Purpose Soap Concentrate

Multiply uses from personal use to house hold and stain removers

One bottle of concentrate will fill 16 bottles

Many different scents

Baby Needs

Very gentle, natural sweet scent

  • Not irritating to the eyes
  • Does not include chemical numbing agents other companies use to claim "no tears" then can cause eye damage
  • Very nourishing, not drying
  • Lathers well

This lotion is made to order so it will arrive fresh at your door!

The on-the-go stick perfect for scrapes, bruises, burns, & rashes!

  • So convenient! Take it with you! Leave one at home!
  • Great alternative to petroleum-based products!
  • Each ingredient has a purpose to help promote healing & repair skin tissue!

Unscented Lotion Stick!

Great for wintery or sunburned skin!

This product does not evaporate as easily as other lotions.

The great and simple ingredients coat your skin.

Use it on your entire body or on problem areas! Keep it in a purse or pocket!

Organic Erythritol- enhances flavor and naturally prevents cavities without the harmful effects of fluoride

Organic vegetable glycerin- makes it smoother and sweeter

Bentonite clay- mild abrasive to clean the teeth

Gluten free

Completely edible 

Safest Nipple Cream for Mommy & Baby!

USDA Organic!

A definite must have for new moms!

Use to soothe diaper rush, eczema, rashes, and burns

Does NOT contain petroleum 



So gentle!

Rather use a bar of soap? Look no further, this bar is IT!

Calming mix of lavender and chamomile essential oils

Great for after Sleepy Sleep Bubble Bath

No harsh chemicals or artificial colors

This product bubbles!

Its natural sweet scent will calm any baby.

Great for the entire family!

Can also be used as a shampoo!

Best if used directly into the stream of running water.


Commercial wipes often contain fragrance which is linked to multiple illnesses & hormone disruption.

Bleach FREE, easy to carry size.

Can be used with home-made wipes.

use with cloth wipes or very small towels.

Replaces toxic vapor rubs

Soothing & Calming

Perfect for Babies

Camphor & Petroleum Free

Safe & Effective

Will not increase the production of mucus

Bath Bomb

Beard & Shaving

Use these for relaxation in your bath

Leaves your skin silky and smooth

Each one will transform your bathroom into a spa, filling the air with its lovely aroma


You will be amazed with how GREAT this works!

Great for MEN and WOMEN!

With skin-conditioning oils & extracts, your skin will thank you!

Body Butter

You won't find a simpler, purer shea butter!

Take a bit in your hand and rub, rub, rub between your hands until butter melts and becomes an oil.

We recommend applying shea butter at night, so it has time to soak into the skin.

Use as lip balm, ointment, and personal lubricant.

Useful for burns, psoriasis, and all dry and irritated skin conditions (except for Poison Ivy, Oak etc., which contain irritating oils that need to be removed with Tea Tree Castile Liquid Soap).

Recommended for wrinkle smoothing and prevention, and for the treatment of sun damaged skin.

Body Spray & Perfumes

Bubble Bath

Almond Biscotti Body Spray

Natural flavors

Vibrant scent

Made with organic grade alcohol

A little goes a long way 

Shampoo for everyday use.

There’s no greasy residue

Leaves hair feeling so soft

Deodorant & Powders

Talc and corn starch free

Can be used on all ages

Provides soothing protection, calming barrier, & superior moisturize absorption

Can work as a gentle deodorant or dry shampoo 

Truly organic deodorant

No harmful chemicals for your family

spray that dries very quickly

Does't stain

Featured in Dr. Oz's Gala gift bags!

Neutralizes odors without harmful chemicals

Soothing and fresh, natural antibacterial

Strong enough for men

Makes underarm skin incredibly soft 

Body Lotion

Naturally preserved

Does not contain toxic preservatives

Lightly scented

Safe for all family members 

Replace your toxic petroleum products


Keeps lips moisturized

Keeps baby's rear from drying up after a diaper change

Takes off makeup (especially mascara)

Moisturizes hands and feet

Hydrates and soothes any dry, cracked skin

For Eczema

For Any chapped skin

Lotion Sticks

Does not evaporate like other products

Simple ingredients coat your skin

Keep it in your purse or pocket

Use it on your entire body or problem areas

Can be used as chapstick

No synthetic fragrances

Super moisturizing and convenient 

Anti-viral, Anti septic, Anti-bacterial, Anti Infectious properties

Immune booster

Perfect for traveling

Disinfects cuts and scrapes

Chapped lips and cold sores

Kid friendly

Natural Healing & Prevention

Everything Salve

Jack of all traits

Can help with bee stings, insect bites, sunburns, burns, measles, chicken pox, eczema, cuts, scrapes, fever sores, chapped lips, itchy skin, poison ivy, and ring worm

Happy Privates Spray

Naturally Cooling & Comforting Mist with Healing Essential Oils

For Prenatal Hemorrhoids & Postnatal Soreness

Healing Skin Oil

Helps with chronic skin conditions

We teamed up with an Ayurvedic Doctor to come up with this formula.

Hives & rashes, cuts, wounds, scrapes & abrasions, acne, shaving & waxing irritations, sensitive scalp, for additional sun protection, cold sores & blisters, infections & skin diseases, athlete’s foot & warts, as an insect repellent, for bug bites, pet skin irritations, as a plant insecticide, and more.

My Breast Friend

Supports overall breast health

Contains essential oils proven to be anti-cancerous

May be inhaled or put directly onto skin

May be rubbed into breast and nipple

Pain in the Tush Essential Oil

Helps to reduce inflammation and common issues of the tush

Use a cotton swab or clean fingers to apply to area

May be applied to a glycerin suppository if bleeding occurs inside

Pest Protection Spray

Truly organic bug spray

No harmful chemicals


Made with organic essential oils 

RUB-OLOGY Hot & Cold Healing Herbal Liniment

Soothes muscles, body aches, & headaches 

Stretch Mark & Scar Bar

Prevents & Fades stretch marks & scars.

Proven ingredients!

Essential Oils target problem areas!

Take Down Body & Equipment Spray

Kills germs

Eliminates foul odors

Strong enough to use on sporting equipment

Safe enough to spray on your skin 

Take Down Bar Soap

Your athlete's BEST friend! Great for all contact sports including wrestling, boxing, gymnastics, cheering, yoga, karate & football.

TAKE DOWN your opponent, TAKE DOWN germs!

For use on body, wall mats, yoga mats, heavy bags & all other equipment and training gear.


Contains a FULL 2% of essential oils

Vapor Rub

Replaces toxic vapor rubs

Perfect for that congested kid or adult

For ages 5 and up

Camphor & Petroleum free

Safe & effective

Will not increase the production of mucus

Shower Steamer

6 Pack of Shower Steamers

Use these for relaxation in your shower

Each one will transform your bathroom into a spa, filling the air with its lovely aroma

Breathe Easy

Garden Of Dreams

Immune Booster

Jersey Sunshine


Sleepy Sleep


Sweet & Spicy

Take Me Away

Yin & Yang

Bar Soap (Click on the link to see all scents available)

Raspberry Lemonade Punch

Very moisturizing

goes on smooth and rinses clean

long lasting

Activated Charcoal Facial Soap

Activated Charcoal is said to draw impurities, dirt and oil from the skin. No fragrances or essential oils, just activated charcoal and soap.

Sugar Scrub

Almond Biscotti Sugar Scrub

Organic raw sugar

Whipped with organic unrefined shea butter

Variety of scents 

Apple Pie

Cranberry Fig

Eucalyptus Spearmint

Hibiscus Coconut

Jasmine Joy

Lemony Lavender

Orange Creamsicle

Raspberry Lemonade

Very Vanilla

Summer, Sun Care, Sanitizer

After Sun Spray


Provides instant relief & begins healing damaged skin.

It reduces pain from burns and sunburn 

Browning Lotion

Perfect blend of enriched botanicals to naturally darken the skin. *

This is NOT a self-tanner, it is used in conjunction with the sun to deepen your tan.

Use all over for a deep tan.

Clean Clapper Hand Sanitizer

Pediatrician recommended

Recipe safe and effective

Fits in purse

No harmful chemicals

No triclosan 

Let It Glow Shimmer


Use this for a night out or for that extra GLOW on top of your sun-kissed skin!

Can be used all over body or even on parts of face to highlight!

SPF SuperHero Lip Balm

SP 15

Made with natural ingredients

safe for adults and toddlers

Convenient to carry around 

Tanning Oil

Each ingredient serves its own special purpose in nourishing, protecting and moisturizing the skin while promoting a dark, rich tan.

THE Sunscreen

NON-Nano SPF 30

20% zinc oxide

Free of chemical fragrances

Safe for adults and babies 

The SunScreen Stick

NON-Nano SPF 30

20% zinc oxide

Free of chemical fragrances

Safe for adults and babies


Poofy Eyes

Poofy Face

Poofy Lips

Lip Glosses

Click on link for all available colors

Infused with botanical extracts, essential oils, and pure organic fruit pigments which are loaded with antioxidants

Leaves your lips feeling moist and hydrated for hours without fading

Long lasting color

Poofy Polish

Nail Polish

Click on the link for all available colors

Free of major toxins found in conventional nail polishes

Safe for pregnant women

Safe for cancer patients and allergy sufferers

Chip resistant

Cruelty free

Nail Polish Remover

NO harsh chemical smell


Toxin, Acetone, Acetate, Ethy, Lactate, FREE

2-in-1 Base Top Coat

This product plays two roles: use as a base coat underneath nail enamel to ensure long wear, and use as a top coat to reduce chipping.

Cuticle Salve Stick


Keeps cuticles hydrated, healthy & strong!

Prevents & heals hangnails

Nail Hardener

FREE of the major toxins found in conventional polishes such as formaldehyde, toluene, DBP (phthalates), formaldehyde resin, TPHP, camphor, xylene, parabens, fragrances, silicone's, acetone, mineral oils, propylene glycol, ethanolamine, and animal ingredients.

Facial Care

Argan (Anti-Aging)

Argan Oil Stick

Rich in fatty acids and vitamin E

Head to toe treatment for dry areas in need of moisture

Conditions and repairs skin as it hydrates

Use to moisturize chapped lips, soothes dry skin, tames fly away, alleviates itching and stinging from insect bites, moisturize dry cuticles, relieve chafing or newly waxed skin, soothe stretch marks, calm sunburn, and anything else you can think of

Zippy Zit Zapper

Zippy Zit Zapper Bar

Great for all skin types

Works on relieving symptoms of acne and eczema

Tea tree oil heals zits and skin irritation 

Blemish Stick

Spot treatment for pimples

Use as soon as you feel one coming on

It's actually good for the skin and doesn't dry out

It is convenient and also invisible

Zippy Zit Zapper Cleanser


Great for problem skin!

Great addition to your ZIT issues! Toxic free!

Zippy Zit Zapper Moisturizer


We have taken the best and safest and most effective ingredients to take care of those pesky zits and are delivering them to your doorstep!

This special formula is great for any age.

Zippy Zit Zapper Toner


Great addition to your ZIT issues!

Use in conjunction with the ZZZ Cleanser or the ZZZ Bar!

Hair Care


Each ingredient has been chosen to enrich and strengthen your hair

Great for problem scalp and sensitive conditions as well

Thick and creamy consistency

Very moisturizing

Shampoo Bar

Can be used head to toe

Can be used for shaving

Contains castor oil used to condition hair and skin

Contains two types of clay to help lather and absorb excess oils from hair and scalp

Creates bubbles that are rich and buttery in texture

Rinses out nicely


Candle Melts & Dryer Oils

Dynamite Day Candle Melt

Click on the link for other scents

Burn time- approximately 25-30 hours per cube

All you need is one cube at a time

Over 150 hours or amazing, not toxic scent

Dynamite Day Dry Oil Perfume

Use with dryer ball oils.

Click on the link for other scents


Spirited Mint All Purpose Cleaner

Use for kitchen, bathroom, tile, tub, stainless steel, glass, and mirrors

One bottle of concentrate will fill 16 bottles

No harsh toxins

Breathe easy while cleaning 

Spirited Mint Aromatherapy Air Fresher

Made with organic essential oils

No harsh chemicals being sprayed

Breathe easy

2 refreshing scents

Neutralizes odors

Lip Balm & Oral Care

Lip Balms

Tinted Lip Balm

Moisturizes lips

Provides a sheer tint and shimmering glow

Provides a smooth glide

Perfect for any time

Lip Balms

(Click on the link for more flavors)

Heals and moisturizes chapped lips

Stays on lips long after application

Gluten Free

Naturally SPF6

N petroleum jelly, mineral oil, phenol color, fragrances

Oral Care

Breeze Breath Spray

Long lasting, concentrated refreshing and made with pure essential oils

Toxin free

100 sprays in 1 bottle

Cherry Cherry Toddler Toothpaste

Organic Erythritol- enhances flavor and naturally prevents cavities without the harmful effects of fluoride

Organic vegetable glycerin- makes it smoother and sweeter

Bentonite clay- mild abrasive to clean the teeth

Gluten free

Completely edible

Happy Teeth Tooth Powder

USDA organic & clay free!

Your FOUR ounce by volume jar of tooth powder contains AT LEAST a 6 month supply of tooth powder for one person. That's only $3.00/month!

A little bit of herbal tooth powder goes a long way towards a refreshing and revitalizing tooth cleaner.

Say goodbye to toothpaste.

Once you try this product you will never want to go back to less potent alternatives.

Gum Drop Healthy Mouth

Quickly kills the bacteria that causes gum disease while it freshens breath

Supports the healing of damages gum tissue

Increase saliva production which is highly beneficial to stop gum disease 


Organic aloe vera juice-cleanses your teeth and gums while soothing your entire mouth

Sodium bicarbonate- aluminum free, promotes whitening and helps freshen your breath

essential oil blends- for breath freshening

Erythritol- enhances flavor and naturally prevents cavities without the harmful effects of fluoride

Bentonite clay- a mild abrasive to clean the teeth and detoxifies.

Happy Teeth Total Mouth Wash

USDA certified organic!

Free of sulfates, bleach, pesticides, fluoride, glycerin, alcohol!

Fights tartar, tooth sensitivity, morning mouth, canker sores & more!

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