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 JT Foxx

World’s #1 Wealth and Business Coach

Dr. Jimmy Chang

My mentor and
Master of pulse
diagnosis & herbal
prescriptions with
over 40 years of

Cheri Tree

Founder & CEO of
Bankcode and author
and creater of B.A.N.K

JT Foxx &  George Ross

Mr. Ross is best known
for his role as Donald Trump’s
advisor on the show,
“The Apprenctice”

Douglas Scott Nelson

Author of  “Catch Fire”
with Dr. Laura
Vasallo & Dee

Robert Riopel

Author of  “Success
left a clue”

Dr. Jimmy Chang

Dr. Laura Interning
in California

Dr.  Tina Chen

President of Evergreen
Herbal Company
(Dr. Laura Learning
Pulse Diagnosis
and Herbology)

Martha Lucas, Ph.D, L.AC

Learning Cosmetic
Acupuncture from the
leading expert and
developer of the
Mei Zen system

Dr. Jimmy Chang

More Interning!

Training for Acid-Base DDS

(Direct Detoxification
System) which received
the international invention
Patent Gold Award &
US FDA approval/European
CE certification

Natural Approach Patient

Showing his surfing
award after preventing
knee surgery with the
help of acupuncture
and herbs

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